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Being Sunday night and all, Joseph and I spent the evening at Theo's. Spending $1 on pints of Ziggan and feeding the jukebox quarters the whole night. At some point, I motioned to this guy across the bar and I said, 'Hey. That guy has a crush on me.' Joseph always thinks I'm being snobby and egotistical when I call this out, but hey. I spend alot of time sitting around in bars, I know the signs when they're pointing to FREE DRINKS. But not last night, because I was there with my friend and having a goodtime being dumb together.

Joseph gets up and goes to the bathroom and I can see this coming from a MILE away. Said guy gets up, hesitates, I try to look mean and unapproachable because I don't want this unfolding. But so be it, his friend is egging him on and he starts the plank walk to my bar stool. And what gets me here, is that he sits down exactly where Joseph was sitting while saying 'Is this seat taken?' Like he hadn't been staring at me and my best friend downing beers upon beers for an hour? OKAY. Well. I am about to say, 'Yes, I'm here with my friend' when I see him get this pants-down look, I turn around and Joseph is walking back with the MEAN hispanic look that I HATE. Because when he does it, he looks like he's in a gang. Seriously. Joseph goes, 'Hey.' and this crazy guy goes, 'Uh... is this your chick?' and Joseph looks at me and I smile the okay and he goes, 'Yes.' and crazy guy starts apologizing like the crazy guy he is and Joseph just stares him down and goes, 'What's your name?'

Tail between the legs like-whoa.

I would vote ballsy to even begin, but in actuality, it would have been ballsy to come talk to both of us and see what was going on. Well, anyways. A barfight would be an awesome way to end it in the CC ;)
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I go to dance clubs. Because obviously, I love to dance. To any kind of music at any kind of club. Booty? Check! 80's? Check! Country? Check! (well... I try) Tejano? Check! Gay? Check! Salsa? Check! (Again, I put my best foot forward)

I just really like to dance.

When I come home, I usually have 1 or 2 of those paper 21-and-up bracelets on my wrist. Every morning, I cut them off and throw them in the garbage (or accidentally wear them around like the next big fashion statement) One day, Johnny finds 2 laying in the garbage and he picks them up and says, 'Juli?! Why would you throw your beautiful bracelets away?!' (He calls most things beautiful) so I picked them out and shortened them and taped them to his wrist.

That was a couple of weeks ago. My sister went out the other night and comes home with a 21-and-up bracelet and Johnny yells, 'WHY ARE YUO WEARING JULI'S BEAUTIFUL BRACELETS?!??!!?'

and my mom says, 'Juli... you go out too often.'

true story.
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Neck tattoo! I'm totally Corpus Christi ;)

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Nice fade!!! .... shade? .... are you in a gang?

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Giggles 1 and Giggles 2

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ErinMC and the finest beer around. P.S. I am totally laying the mack down in this picture ;)

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Who knew that Neil Patrick Harris worked at the Denny's in Corpus Christi?! (Please note the super sleuth angle that this picture was taken, as to not anger NPH)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you look beyond me being awesomely d-d-drunk-looking, you will notice that I am indeed standing next to NPH. (I told this poor guy that I was from The Netherlands and that this was my first time in America, so I am a little overzealous on the picture taking. And I throw in something about Conan O'brian (I don't know how these things fall from my mouth)and ask if he'll pose with me. NPH says to me, 'You're not from The Netherlands!' and I say, 'HOW COME I CAN'T BE FROM THE NETHERLANDS?!'

At any rate, I met NPH last night at Denny's.

cheerful cheerful
tom petty
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Joseph took me on a picnic yesterday. And we played air hockey at the mall. (which I won. Naturally.) Then to Theo's for a nightcap. Even though it was just 10pm.

Then I went to the g-g-g-gay bar to go dancing with Kiara and co. She has friends from Target who go to the club IMMEDIATLY after work so they're wearing their khaki's and red shirts. HOW COOL IS THAT? Now that is committment.


for the first time, in a long time, I was there just to dance it off. And also, drink far too many redbulls b/c I was driving.

It's hard to say, but even though I was there to partake in dancing gay madness, that nagging thought was always there. I hate when you semi-expect to see someone who you don't want to see in a club or at a bar. It's hard to dance that feeling off.


I woke up this morning to a call from one MIKER THE BIKER. Best way to wake up? So far.

Which means, today is going to be a GOOD day <3
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Joseph and I went out last night to House of Rock with plans to barhop (per usual? hah.) and surprisingly got an invite to CLUB TOXIC!!!! whoa-a-a-a. We are NOT club toxic people. so we decided to go. for kicks and giggles. and one things I love, I mean absolutely love, is when I am the only-only white girl in a bar. I LOVE IT! Okay... maybe not so much ;) But such is a life I can lead in CC.

We then go to TEJANOVILLE! Which is exactly as it sounds. And Joseph (bless his heart) says something about me being white and not being able to tejano-my-heart-out. And if you know me, you know when someone says juli-can-not, I want nothing more but to do. So I grab his hand and bum rush the hispanic cowboys and girlfriends. I am really the most unabashedly white person ever. And it comes out on a dance floor.

I guess that's pretty much it. I seriously enjoy being a dork. END.

cheerful White
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I broke it off. and I meant it when I did it. and I mean it now. and it hurt. More than I thought, I called Joseph crying, asking him to pick me up and take me to the beach.

I told him that I liked him more than most guys, so I was going to be honest with him. He made me unhappy more than happy. and I don't need that. Not at all.

Because honestly, I don't. I could do better here. But it still hurts. Maybe because his response was okay, alright? No fight, no questions, just a give. GAME OVER.

At least when it was good it was good and when it was fun it was fun.

And Joseph did come get me. And we remedied this night with broken beer bottles and a good dose of illegal trespassing.

listless listless
Garden State Soundtrack
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Dudes. I will be 23 soon. DUN DUN DUN!

Hold me. I'm scared<3

In other news, I'm an official NANNY. What what what? Well, I am applying tomorrow at Hurbs, so I can be a cheesy waitress in the greasiest hole in the wall burger joint in CC. At least I would be getting out of the house. Making a dime. (and yes, a dime is probably all I would be making.) (enough drinking money to get me through? Is that AA to say? Sometimes I think my family drives me there.)

Because being Mary Poppins isn't all it's cracked up to be.

In other other news, it seems that Zack won't drive out to CC to see me or take me on an actual date, but he WILL invite me to his family bar-b-q as well as to move in with him. And perhaps that's just the pace. Skip over alllll the details of getting to know someone. Then again, he's no fish in my barrel. and that my friends, that right there is the draw.

That's about it. Back to my teaspoons of sugar!

devious devious
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All of my fun posts go to my myspace. Which leaves lj for my intropection and other assorted stuff that I would never dream of putting up on myspace. no no no. A blog division? God, I'm such a nerd. But my lj has stuck with me for 4 years. Hmmm. Well, then there's that. But I am sorry for my lj being sort of a downer.

I'm back in CC. and aha. Everything comes crashing down around my ears. I never know what I want. Like ever. and then what I do want, I know I shouldn't want. or can't have. or shouldn't even begin to want because I can't have it. and because I can't have it, does that mean I want it extra bad? You bet.


I went to Zack's last night. And while yes, everything started off so well, that too ended crashing around my ears. more his ears. But for sure, our collective ears. Sometimes I am so detached from how I act. It's like my emotions arn't connected to my actions. Sometimes that is. because I am fairly attached to these emotions of mine.

Okay. Step back. It's only my first full day back in CC. Living with my family. Faced with everything I hate facing. my worst fears come to life! and yes, I feel like spending most of the time in my room, curled up in a ball in my bed listening to Joseph Arthur. but no, I will not go out like that. I'm not going down in TX without a fight.

My battle tonight? Joseph and I are taking on $1 pints of dark beer at Theo's. Because Joseph always makes me feel better.

P.S. Out of exactly nowhere, Zack offered his spare bedroom to me for a month. Now there's an offer that shouldn't be so tempting because it's a horrible idea.

but it is.
crazy fuck this!
The Frey
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decisions done and done. Moving out of Austin on Aug 13th! Moving out of my apartment... tonight? Crashing on Alex's couch until summer school is over. And then Corpus Christi Madness. And then hopefully, South Korea Madness. And then Life Madness in general. Which is now, come to think of it.

aaaand Chipoltes? Yes. I think so.

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